Human Rights in the Global Supply Chain




Human Trafficking and Forced Labor

The $32 billion global trade of trafficking and slavery sees an estimated 27 million victims each year. It is very difficult to uncover and prosecute these crimes when victims live in fear of speaking up and facing retaliation, deportation, trafficking, or slavery. Growing evidence suggests that human trafficking incidents, both sex and labor, spike during huge sporting events due to out-of-town fans coming into cities for the events. The United States is also a primary destination country for children trafficked for sexual and labor exploitation and hosts a large number of websites that contain child sexual abuse and exploitation material. As of June 2018, federal prosecutors have brought at least 68 criminal cases under the Act for actual or attempted sexual abuse of children overseas.

Investors Alliance for Human Rights

The Investors Alliance for Human Rights is a non-profit collective action initiative that focuses on investors’ responsibility to protect fundamental human rights, on corporate engagements that drive responsible business conduct, and standard workplace activity that pushes for a safe and healthy environment. The Alliance is made up of over 200 institutional investors, including asset management firms, public pension funds, faith-based organizations, and more. Members currently represent over $12 trillion (US) in assets under management and 19 countries. In 2018, the Alliance launched a strategy campaign that addresses corporate human rights due diligence practices. In 2020, 105 international investors representing $5 trillion (US) joined together to call on governments to install measures requiring companies to direct ongoing risks associated with their business activities, or “human rights due diligence.” The statement was sent to government contacts across the represented regions including policymakers within the European Union, United States, and Canada.

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